Bali Retreat

a residence in Bali's jungle


Nestled amidst the lush tropical foliage of Bali's dense jungle, this Brutalist residence emerges as a bold and striking structure, harmonizing with its natural surroundings while making a distinctive statement through its raw, monumental form. The residence stands as a testament to the intersection of modern architecture and the untamed beauty of Bali's landscape. The Brutalist residence features a rugged exterior characterized by exposed concrete surfaces, angular geometries, and robust forms that evoke a sense of strength and permanence. Dominating the landscape with its imposing presence, the structure appears to emerge organically from the earth, seamlessly blending with the dense vegetation of the jungle. The design prioritizes functionality and practicality, with emphasis placed on simplicity and austerity. Large expanses of concrete punctuated by strategically placed openings and minimalistic detailing create a sense of harmony between the built environment and the natural world




300 SQM