Doric Dunes

4 suites in the wild

The Doric Dune settlement was designed to be part of the Delphi Golf-Resort in Fokida. It is placed in the area of Makranikolas, the southernmost part of the prefecture of Fokida at a distance of 22 kilometres from the aforementioned Central Hotel unit. The ultimate aim of the design is the creation of some short-term accommodation spaces, which will operate throughout the year. It is aimed at users who want to experience the uniqueness of the natural landscape of Fokida, in relation to the raw scenery of the Corinthian Gulf. The spaces will function as units of complacency, relaxation and meditation. They are located in a quite remote location, 18 kilometres from the nearest settlement.In the first phase four subterranean “cave” like spaces have been designed, (from the proposed 16 in total) with the main orientation the Corinthian Gulf. They are placed amphitheatrically in an old threshing floor of 700 acres. The arrangement of the units was based on their protection from the local sea winds and of course the unlimited view to the Corinthian Gulf. Natural lighting is achieved directly with skylights which also contribute to the better bioclimatic and thermal behavior of the premises.The façade architecture introduces a different reading of the archetype Doric motifs in combination with claddings and finishes from Mediterranean limestone and natural clay plasters.The surrounding space is essentially an extension of each unit, urging the coexistence of users, but at the same time protecting their privacy. Two semi-roofed communal pools cater for the cooling and relaxation of the visitors during periods when intense local winds do not allow a comfortable stay on the beach.The internal main area of each unit does not exceed 60 sqm and has the capacity to accommodate up to five people. The materials and decoration exude a eclecticistic approach with a clear reference to Doric motifs. The limestone, the colorful clay plaster, the whitish cement mortar prevail as materials and textures, giving an earthy and natural atmosphere to the space.




240 sqm