Palailoni rural accommodation

14 units_4 star Hotel

  1. The architectural design seamlessly integrates with the rural landscape and cultural heritage of Apokoronas , Crete. This integration fosters a sense of belonging and authenticity for guests, enhancing their overall experience.

  2. Given the emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainability, the designs incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems. Each rural accommodation is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and functionality while embracing the rustic charm of the countryside. The layout prioritizes privacy, offering guests tranquil retreats amidst the scenic beauty of Crete. Spacious interiors, cozy living areas, private terraces and balconies allow guests to unwind and connect with nature.

  3. The design emphasize a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature. The accommodations situated amidst wild olive groves, vineyards, and overlooking panoramic vistas of the Apokoronas countryside. Landscaped gardens, native flora, and natural stone pathways further accentuate the connection with the surrounding environment. Beyond providing comfortable lodging, the design foster opportunities for guests to engage with the local culture and traditions of rural Crete. Common areas, such as communal courtyards ,outdoor dining spaces, communal swimming pool serve as gathering points where guests can savor authentic Cretan cuisine, participate in cooking classes, or enjoy traditional music and dance performances.

  4. From the architectural elements to interior furnishings, the design reflects meticulous attention to detail. Traditional craftsmanship and locally sourced materials imbue each accommodation with a distinct sense of character and authenticity. Handcrafted furniture, textiles, and artwork celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Crete, creating immersive experiences for guests.







2000 SQM