Eleftherias facade

facade design


The proposed office building in Koridalos, Athens, features a contemporary architectural design with a distinctive facade characterized by perforated plates. The perforated plate facade not only serves as an aesthetic element but also contributes to the functionality and sustainability of the building. The design concept revolves around creating a dynamic interplay between light, shadow, and texture. The perforated plate facade is envisioned as a modern interpretation of traditional architectural elements, offering a balance between visual intrigue and functional efficiency. The facade consists of perforated metal plates crafted from durable and sustainable materials such as aluminum and steel. These plates are precision-cut with patterns that allow varying degrees of light penetration while maintaining privacy and security for the occupants.The plates are installed over a structural framework, creating a layered effect that adds depth and dimension to the facade. The spacing and arrangement of the perforations are carefully designed to optimize natural ventilation and daylighting within the building while mitigating solar heat gain and glare. The design of the perforated plate facade is sensitive to the urban context of Koridalos, seamlessly blending with the surrounding architectural landscape. The facade's sleek and modern aesthetic complements the vibrant energy of the city while establishing a distinct identity for the office building